M75 PANACERA Hatteras Yachts

The new additions to the Hatteras yacht collection is nothing short of pure elegance and class. This new model, the M75, has cutting edge designs, is stylish and is meant to catch the attention of any onlooker.

The design ensures that all angles are catered for. This starts from the plenty of natural lighting into the interior made possible by the presence of windows, which also offers a fantastic panoramic view, plenty of room for both storage and holding several people without crowding the M75 is the epitome of comfort and luxury. The Hatteras introduce this little piece of heaven while still upholding their firm roots of providing a product that is of the highest quality and without compromising their safety standards.Hatteras Yachts
The M75 is nothing short of impressive and is hard to ignore with all that it comes with; the interior can be customized to one’s liking. From wood finishes to color and fabric, what suits you and your family is what you get with the M75.

The M75 PANACERA Hatteras Yachts is powered by the twin cat-32A 1622hp diesel engines, has standard stabilizer fins, and runs on a 2000gallons fuel tank. One can choose to upgrade the engines to MTU2000 12V 1800hp engines, which will see the consumption of fuel at 170 gallons an hour.

The specs are to die for when it comes to the M75 PANACERA Hatteras Yachts. It has a 5’3 draft and a 21’ bream, which provides a more stable ride on the boat. The most eye-catching feature of the M75 is the flybridge that has a fantastic dining arrangement and a panoramic view. There is plenty of space for other activities such as sun bathing and socializing in a crowd without feeling overcrowded; this extra space is made possible by the bridge that stretches almost the entire length of the boat.

Lounging areas on the exterior are generous with lounging space. The flybridge has a wet bar that is fitted with a fridge, icemaker, and a lot of space for storage. The lounging area is U-shaped, which provides lots of room for seating and is also fitted with a teak table. When it’s too windy, or the weather does not allow for peaceful dining, you can use the aft deck. The aft deck is shaded and has a large teak table and seating room for you to sit together with a refrigerator, making the dining experience more comfortable and convenient.

Resting areas are represented by a master cabin that has a king-size bed for you and your significant other’s comfort, a lot of closet space, lounging area that you can customize to your liking, and a walk-in shower. Your guests are also catered for a there are three more states room that offer comfort to your family and friends during their stay.

The M75 PANACERA Hatteras Yachts sets the tone for future models, especially those from Hatteras. Many attributes contribute to this model being so popular. Some of them include easy navigation due to wide walk-around decks that provide space, the boat offers a very smooth and steady ride, and the enormous galley that has an overhead window is gorgeous, among other more that are mentioned above.

Nicholas F. Matson

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